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Winter Webinar Series

Join us for our new Winter Webinar Series
The ISBGFH has arranged a terrific lineup of international presenters ready to increase your knowledge of British Isles genealogy research. 
The following Saturday webinars have been scheduled:
1 October
Mike Brophy
In Search of Your Irish Ancestors
12 November
Maurice Gleeson
DNA Testing for Genealogy
10 December
Fintan Mullan
Researching Your Scots-Irish Ancestors
14 January
Nick Barratt
The Genealogy Gems in the National Archives
4 February
Christine Woodcock
They Came From Scotland: Finding Your Scots Immigrant Ancestor
4 March
Kathryn Lake Hogan
Finding Your American Ancestors Using Canadian Records
8 April
Darris Williams
Researching Your Welsh Ancestors
What will you learn when you attend one of these webinars?
1 October 2016: In Search of Your Irish Ancestors
The webinar begins with the central event in the history of Irish genealogy — the destruction of the Public Records Office in Dublin on 30 June 1922. As a result, the unique challenges and realistic expectations for Irish ancestral research will be discussed. Vital records, immigration documentation, and unique resources will be presented.
12 November 2016: DNA Testing for Genealogy
In this webinar Dr. Gleeson discusses the different tests available for genealogy and will help us to understand what information we can hope to get from each one. Dr. Gleeson will also discuss some of the different projects available through FamilyTreeDNA.
10 December 2016: Researching Your Scots-Irish Ancestors
This webinar will assist you in researching your Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors with roots in the province of Ulster and help you discover how to find various records, historical documents, and links to your family history.
14 January 2017: The Genealogy Gems in the National Archives
The National Archives in London is a genealogist’s treasure trove. Nick Barratt will share with us the gems that can be found among the collections of the National Archives
4 February 2017: They Came From Scotland: Finding Your Scots Immigrant Ancestor
In this webinar, Christine Woodcock will look at the historical events that led to Scots leaving their homeland for the new world. She will share online and offline resources to assist you with researching your Scottish immigrant ancestor
4 March 2017: Finding Your American Ancestors Using Canadian Records
Although your ancestor may have ultimately settled in the United States, it was not uncommon for them to have spent time in Canada, especially after the Revolutionary War. In this webinar, Canadian research specialist Kathryn Lake Hogan will show you how you might be successful finding your American ancestors using the Canadian records.
8 April 2017: Researching Your Welsh Ancestors
Researching Welsh ancestry can be a daunting task. With the right understanding of Welsh ancestry, this can be much easier. In this webinar Darris Williams will assist you in finding your Welsh ancestors. He will discuss what records are available online and what records are not.
All webinars will be presented live, commencing at 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Cost: ISBGFH Members – $10, Non-Members – $20
Register online: (click on title of webinar for which you want to register)
Note: Registration for each webinar will be closed one-two days before the webinar, so register early.
In Search of Your Irish Ancestors - 1 October - Michael Brophy
DNA Testing for Genealogy - 12 November - Maurice Gleeson
Researching Your Scots-Irish Ancestors - 10 December - Fintan Mullan
The Genealogy Gems in the National Archives - 14 January - Nick Barratts
Researching Your Welsh Ancestors - 8 April - Darris Williams