Welcome To ISBGFH

Welcome to the International Society for British Genealogy and Family
History! The ISBGFH
exists for anyone who is researching British ancestry, be they ancestors
who left Ireland for America at the time of the potato famine, ones who
were sent with the first fleet to Australia, persons who fled to Canada
to escape
poor prospects in Scotland, a Welshman traveling to Patagonia or an
Englishman settling in the plantations of the West Indies.Because you have British ancestry, one or more of your ancestors chose
to emigrate overseas and either stayed there, moved on to another
country or returned home. This means you the opportunity to search for
information in a country other than your own. When you begin research
away from your home ground, you will find that although records are
similar, other differences will challenge you.In order to cope with the unfamiliar, the ISBGFH organization exists to
help unravel the mysteries of research overseas, and to share research
available on a worldwide basis. This applies equally to anyone whose
ancestors came from the British Isles and settled anywhere in the world,
as it does to family historians living in Britain today who have
ancestors who went abroad.